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We value ideas, simplicity and problem-solving technology. We believe by integrating these core values, we can develop a powerful application that is both user-friendly and easy to implement.

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The development of financial technology is one of our key priorities by leveraging on our cutting-edge technologies such as automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Analytics as well as decentralising utility systems such as Blockchain.

The innovation and technology in our age has reached new heights and we aim to lead the industry by integrating financial and technology into solutions that will immerse seamlessly into our clients’ lifestyle. Focusing on simplicity, innovation and problem-solving technology, we will do the hard work of infrastructure development so that our clients will reap the benefits of these innovative breakthroughs.

Our team consists of highly experienced leaders in the industry which helped to enhance our aptitude. We have also added diversity into our mix to augment our capabilities. To ensure a meaningful engagement with all our clients, we have invested into new technological developments that will help our clients achieve remarkable outcomes. For us, putting our clients first is the key to enhance client experience in terms of a superior user experience on the solutions offered.


Big Data analytics has played a more prominent role in our society today, throughout various industries including the financial sector. This is to help in both managing risks and optimizing resources in order to achieve highest efficiencies in sales, management and finances.

Our investment into the Big Data Analytics capabilities has enabled us to provide a full range of Big Data services including consulting, implementation, support and Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) to help clients benefit from the big data environment without spending excessively on the infrastructure.

Making this technology easily accessible to companies in Malaysia will help to boost productivity among the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which will be vital in reviving the economy in the post-COVID world.


Radiance Assets’ investment into AI is to ensure the demands in the industries can be met. Future needs will be anticipated in the present with our effective strategy in our research and development.

Our AI services is an extension of the Big Data analytics services offered. If there is one dividend-paying technology, it is AI in finance. The banking and financial industries are adopting and implementing Machine Learning to meet the demands of customers who want smarter, more convenient and safer access to spend, save and invest their money. Our goal is to push forward into the realm of real AI, with solutions for both the government and private sectors, with the drive to be the catalyst that puts Malaysia on the AI map.


The shift and staggering growth towards online shopping, e-commerce and digital money is inevitable; it’s a global change. Radiance Assets has invested in RediPay, a fintech outfit that provides payment gateway and digital payment solutions. RediPay is building its technology and solutions towards the advancements of a cashless society.